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Package Design | Re-Brand | Consumer Tested


Designalytics is an online focus group analysis system that

"Instantly unlocks a package design process that delivers major brand growth every time."


At the beginning of the semester we were tasked with choosing a brand to re-design the packaging for. We did three new designs, sent them in to be tested and then used the results from those tests to come up with our final design. Our final design results were presented on Friday where the designalytics team met with us on a zoom call and talked over our results.


For my brand specifically, Topo-Chico, the team said that the results my redesign accumulated were "not normal" and "they do not usually see such high numbers", especially in the commited buyers preference category. My redesign took the brand from a 23% overall preference to a 77% overall preference. The team estimated that if the company were to use my packaging they would gain at least 20 million dollars in sales. These are real buyers in these focus groups. Real people who walk down the grocery aisle and buy these products. So their opinions are even more important than any designer, company, or CEO. 

My design was featured in an article written by the Dieline, the world’s most visited packaging design website.

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