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Branding & Art Direction

Concept creation and design for PCA&D Senior Show 2023 competition. My concept, Senior Shoe Celebration, was chosen as the first place winner.

Award, First Place, Winner, Senior Show

Branding, Logo Design & Packaging

Named after the Angler fish that roams the deepest parts of the ocean, Angler earbuds will have you seeing the light when it comes to premium audio. Angler is a new company that I designed to showcase audio products. For this project I designed a logo, accompanying art, and packaging for different products.

Angler, Earbuds, Packaging, GDUSA, Graphic Design USA
GDUSA, Graphic Design USA, Package Design Award, Award

Art Direction | Branding | Design

Boxed Bitch was my senior thesis for my BFA. Inspired by my own experience as a woman, my thesis focused on feminism. It works to challenge the idea that society has programmed strong women to see dominant traits as problematic, angry, and aggressive. “Boxed Bitch: An Angry Women’s Gym” uses these themes in a satirical way to create an inclusive boxing gym for women, where they are free to express their anger in the most aggressive and socially problematic way possible.

Logo & Business Card Design

Hellish Ornaments is a tattoo business owned and run by Noah Rasmus. Tasked with the design of the logo and business cards, I explored a dark, tarot card reminiscent route with additions of filigree. The logo was created using individually altered base typography and hand drawn decorative elements.

Hellish Ornaments, Logo, Tattoo, Brand
America250PA, Coloring Book

Coloring Book Design

America250PA is the Commonwealth's Commission that was created to plan and coordinate all of the programs, projects and events around the 250th anniversary of the United States in 2026. Part of this is The Keystone Classroom Initiative, a storytelling and visitation program for K-4 students. After pitching the idea of creating a coloring book for the program, I was tasked with bringing it to life. Along side the book, I created the official KCI mascot and a number of different deliverables that were distributed to 50k Pennsylvania school children.

Logo Design & Branding

Blend cafe & bakery is a company created for a design studio project during my junior year. The task was to create and brand a coffee shop while only being provided with the mission statement as a testament to what the shop represented. The shop's main focus was inclusivity and an all around aesthetic for the new generation, in turn I came up with “Blend” and designed an accompanying logo and numerous deliverables such as a brand book and tactile products.

Blend, Coffee, Design, Brand

Art Direction & Production

THIS NOT THAT. is a campaign designed to spread awareness about the stigmatization of medication for mental illness. For the project I created the concept and designed multiple deliverables to promote a cohesive brand. included in these promotional items is a website, magazine ads, clothing items, and an infographic.

Senior Show, Shoes, Doc Martens, Brand
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